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The report covers a theoretic - experimental activity aiming at the study of the system of thermal recovery from low enthalpy scaling geothermal fluids in liquid predominant fields, by means of direct contact binary cycles. The advantages and applicability of these cycles have been shown by comparing the direct cycles with the binary ones of shell and tubes. An evaluation of economic feasibility showed the process to be competitive provided that proper plant solutions are utilized to limit organic fluid losses. Experimental activity consisted of a preliminary study, on cold fluids, of the flow dynamic behaviour of a liquid - liquid system in a model of DCHX simulating the behaviour of the brines organic fluid hot system (R114). Subsequently a pilot plant using R114 as motor fluid has been designed, built and installed at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Pisa. In addition to an evaluation of the heat exchange coefficients, the experimental runs performed have demonstrated the efficiency and simplicity of a plant of this kind.

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Riferimenti bibliografici: EUR 9489 IT (1984) MF, 81 P., BFR 120, EUROFFICE, LUXEMBOURG, POB 1003
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