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Within a series of interdisciplinary discussions, this discussion focused on the dynamics of mental processes, from the descriptive down to the molecular level. The complexity of large modern technical installations and processes implies the need of an intelligence "ex ante" to replace in part the intelligence "ex post" which was the result of a long evolutionary selection process in biological and social systems. As a suitable start of the discussion the psychostructural model according to FRANK was chosen. Other discussions focused on the fixation of memory contents in the brain, the possibilities of a molecular fixation and the retrieval of memory inputs. One promising approach includes the role of gangliosides as key compounds for the determination of the paths of sensory signals, especially through the neocortex. Further discussions concerned: models of the associative memory, their comparison with the real brain, and a modified approach interpreting neurons as circuit switching elements. A last group of discussions dealt with practical applications: the question of creativity; the utilisation of critical phases for learning processes during the development of the human individual; lastly: scientific advice to political authorities.

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