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Not intended as an all-embracing statement of research, this report, by selecting examples of work completed in each field, seeks merely to give an idea of Community activity in research, development and demonstration in the period 1983 - 1984. In addition to setting out the major guidelines for Community research in the context of the new technological revolution, this report is an attempt to portray the full gamut of research work currently in hand in a range of programmes stretching from traditional industries (textiles, steel, etc.) to energy (fusion, fission, non- nuclear energy) and also covering the environment, agriculture, raw materials, health and development in the Third World. Readers will find a hint of the will to back up new specialized research programmes with greater coordination and consultation provisions, mobility of research teams and the development of exchanges of views and information which will prompt the Member States to resolve more fully to join forces and avoid the useless scattering of the considerable potential in the Community by pursuing exclusively national level policies.

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