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This report summarises the results obtained from two test boreholes, those at Valence (Drome) and La Voulte (Ardeche). Other operations elsewhere in the Rhone Corridor are also mentioned. Valence + After an initial seismic survey, a trial borehole was drilled. It reached an Upper Jurassic limestone at 377 m, and was still in this formation when drilling stopped at a depth of 3666 m. After two acidification treatments, and test injections of air and cold water, flow rates needed for an economic extraction of geothermal energy could not be reached. Bourg-en-Bresse + The test borehole was designed to study the Jurassic deposits in the area. Attempts were made to tap an Upper Jurassic limestone, in the hope of finding suitable fissuring, and also of studying the properties of the Middle Jurassic Dogger formation. Drilling was stopped at 2255 m, in the Upper Jurassic strata, due to the poor productivity in the area.

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Références bibliographiques: EUR 8742 FR (1983) MF, 22 P., BFR 120, EUROFFICE, LUXEMBOURG, POB 1003
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