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A multidisciplinary approach of the window as an architectural part of the building, a passive solar component and manufactured product leaded to build up the prescriptions list of a facade component standing from floor to ceiling and constituted by: + A PVC window with double glazing (with 12 mm air layer), in two parts: an upper pivoting sash and a lower vertical sliding sash, slipping down while opening into the breast wall, which is part of the block. + An efficient movable shading device constituted by an exterior fabric roll blind, an interior vertical sliding claustra, or the exterior PVC roll blind. + A rigid frame made of moulded polyester reinforced with glass fibres which makes the block self-supporting and bearing the various devices of fixation of the wall. A wooden prototype has been built, which allowed to solve the functioning problems of the sashes, to fit their displacement and lock, the balance and the clearing of the vertical sliding sash, to draw the PVC profiles of the sashes and of the breast wall, the tightness joints as well as the integration of the PVC roll blind. The next steps will be to attempt to reduce the cost of the mechanism of the sliding sash, and to design and build a prototype of the frame, including the fixation devices. Then a cost price study and a marketing study will allow the industrial manager to decide the opportunity of the fabrication of the Lumitherm block. If the answer is positive, he will invest in the tooling needed by the extrusion of the PVC profiles. A first small series will be tested in laboratory and in site in a few experimental constructions, to make the ultimate fitting before the industrial size fabrication.

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