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Scientific and technical progress is leading to major changes in industrial societies. There is now scope for considerable new growth, although conditions in Europe are not yet suitable for this. This report is based on studies carried out by fifty teams all over Europe, and summarises changes in certain key areas, such as biotechnology and information technology. It discusses their likely impact on the future of European industry, employment, working conditions and daily life. These technological changes raise many hopes; however, technological change on its own can do nothing, unless it forms part of wider social changes. Furthermore, no ? country can face these current challenges alone: cooperation at the European level is essential. This report makes a number of suggestions for future action.

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Références bibliographiques: BOOK: 239 P., 1983, ISBN 2-902940-01-7 WRITE TO ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONALE FUTURIBLES, 55, RUE DE VARENNE, F-75007 PARIS (FRANCE), PRICE: FF 100, (EUR 8936 FR).