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Composite separators made of asbestos and polyphenylene sulfide in the parent and sulphonated forms + Polyphenylenesulfide (PPS) and sulphonated polyphenylene sulfide (SPPS) were applied into asbestos by soaking asbestos commercial cardboards with PPS dissolved into diphenylsulfide at 200 degrees C and with SPPS dissolved into SOC1-2 at room temperature. The mechanical and chemical physical characterization of the PPS- asbestos composites is reported. PPS copolymers + The copolymerization of p- and m- dichlorobenzene with sodium sulfide has been carried out. No particular benefits are expected compared to commercial PPS. Sterically hindered PPS + 2,5 dichloroparaxylene has been reacted with Na-2S as above in 1:1 mole ratio yield a product similar to PPS. Polyxililensulfide + The following products have been obtained: polyparaxililensulfide (PPXS), polymetaparaxililensulfide (PMPXS) with m-/p- rations 3/1, 1/1, 1/3, 3.5/6.5 and 6.5/3.5. Polymetaxililensulfide (PMXS) + Their sulphonated derivatives were obtained at the equivalent weights 700, 840, 1440 for PPXS, 1170 for PMPXS (at m/p = 1/3) and 1375 for PMPXS (at m-/p- ratio = 3). These materials are also soluble as above. Composite diaphragms made of polyxililensulfides and asbestos have been prepared. Copolymerization of sulphonated aromatic monomers + The following monomers sulphonated alpha,alpha'dichlorometaxilene and sulphonated alpha,alpha'dichlorometaxilene were copolymerized with non sulphonated monomers. Free standing films made of polyxililensulfides + Only the 6.5 m-/3.5 p- product yield free standing films. The other materials are either too rigid or too low melting. PPS - Mg(OH)-2 - asbestos separators. The above PPS - asbestos composites were soaked into MgC1-2 aqueous solution to yield the three component materials and after hydrolysis to Mg(OH)-2. Material characterization + The results obtained with asbestos - PPS, SPPS asbestos, polyxililensulfides and PPS - Mg(OH)-2-asbestos are reported in this report.

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Bibliographic Reference: EUR 10331 IT (1985) MF, 216 P., BFR 450, BLOW-UP COPY BFR 1080, EUROFFICE, LUXEMBOURG, POB 1003
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