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In this report the following items are reported: - The definition of the chemical and radiochemical composition of the reference MAW to be used for the study under this contract (an alkaline solution coming from the solvent washing and an acidic solution consisting of the mixture of aqueous raffinates deriving from uranium and plutonium purification cycles). - The characterization of the hydroxamic acid to be used for the decontamination of the before mentioned solutions, mainly the stability and the solubility tests. - The results of the researches concerning the "in batch" decontamination tests, using extraction chromatography techniques, particularly the choice of the inert support, the preparation and the characterization of the stationary phase. - The results of the tests in column, which permit to conclude that for this problems, the extraction chromatography techniques do not give the expected performances. - The results of the discontinuous liquid extraction tests using traced solutions. In these conditions Pu, Am, Zr, Nb are extracted but not U and Ru. The strip of Pu, Am and Zr with an oxalic acid solution is quantitative. - The results of continuous tests using mixer settler batteries, and a simulated alkaline solution. - The results of complete extraction - reextraction runs using a simulated solution. - The results of a discontinuous conclusive experiments using a true alkaline solution coming from a reprocessing plant.

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Riferimenti bibliografici: EUR 10382 IT (1986) MF, 157 P., BFR 300, BLOW-UP COPY BFR 785, EUROFFICE, LUXEMBOURG, POB 1003
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