Forschungs- & Entwicklungsinformationsdienst der Gemeinschaft - CORDIS


This publication gives a summary of some of the highlights and achievements of the five-year programme which ran from January 1979 until the end of 1983. More specific and detailed results have been published in the many scientific papers contained in proceedings of EEC sponsored meetings and elsewhere as listed in the bibliographies accompanying brief descriptions of each of the 10 sectors of the programme. Many of these publications are widely recognized as being major contributions to the scientific literature and containing information which can be of real practical benefit to farmers and others in the Community's rural areas. The coordinated agricultural research programme's budget has always been small, but its cost effectiveness great, and this will become increasingly evident as more and more of the research findings are translated into practice on farms throughout the Community. Now another five-year programme is under way, focusing on key issues of energy in agriculture and land and water management while continuing to assist Mediterranean agriculture, provide a scientific basis for the animal welfare debate and work on matters related to animal and plant productivity.

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Bibliografische Referenz: EUR 9764 DE, (1986) FS, 48 P., BFR 200, EUROFFICE, LUXEMBOURG, POB 1003
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