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The report outlines the results of testing aerosol retention at the packed fiber mist eliminator and an estimate of the service life of such a prefilter in reprocessing plants. The aerosol source terms upstream of the packed fiber mist eliminator as determined during operation according to specification of the WAESCHE facility were found to be attributable by 5.8 x 10**-5 mol/h m**3 to shear dust produced during one hour of simulation of the shearing process and by 1.6 x 10**-7 mol/h m**3 to salts produced during nine hours of dissolving process. It appeared that much higher aerosol concentrations cause loading of the offgas test section in the course of fuel element shearing. As a result of the tests and upgradings of the packed fiber mist eliminator, both performed from 1980 until 1984, it was possible to demonstrate that the whole component consisting of filter housing and filter element can be applied reliably. Given the high availability of the mist eliminator in the dissolver offgas of at least 250 days per year without requiring any cleanup of the fiber pack, the packed fiber mist eliminator used as prefilter of the HEPA filter is one of the offgas cleaning components requiring the least amount of maintenance work. On account of its high retention factor for aerosols of > 500 the time to failure of the subsequent HEPA filters is considerably increased. Due to the compactness of its design the packed fiber mist eliminator can serve as a barrier against shock overpressures and droplet clusters in an accident.

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Bibliografische Referenz: EUR 10548 DE (1986) MF, 53 P., BFR 150, BLOW-UP COPY BFR 275, EUROFFICE, LUXEMBOURG, POB 1003
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