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This report covers firstly the principles and needs for drying of food products in developing countries and secondly the different drying techniques which can be used in these countries. The first section deals therefore with alteration and stabilization of food products. It also studies the effects of drying, the loss of food products in developing countries and their need for drying techniques. The equilibrium and disequilibrium of air produced humidity, the three phases of drying and the energy requirements are discussed and finally the drying conditions are studied. The second section looks in detail at different techniques. Pretreatments and posttreatments are discussed. The following techniques are then examined: 1) Drying by ambient air 2) Combustible dryers 3) Solar dryers Finally criteria determining choice of a drying system are dealt with.

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Références bibliographiques: EUR 10508 FR (1986) MF, 114 P., BFR 300, EUROFFICE, LUXEMBOURG, POB 1003
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