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This report is the subject of a Study Contract sponsored by the Containment Loading and Response Group (CONT), a sub-group of the Safety Working Group of the Fast Reactor Co-ordinating Committee CEC. The analyses provided here will form part of a final report on containment codes, sensitivity analysis, and benchmark comparison performed by the group in recent years. The contribution of this study contract is to assess the six different containment codes, used in the benchmark comparison, with regard to their procedures and methods, and also to provide an assessment of their benchmark calculation results, so that an overall assessment of their effectiveness for use in containment problems can be made. Each code description, which has been provided by the relevant user, contains a large amount of detailed information and a large number of equations, which would be unwieldy to reproduce and probably unnecessary. For this reason the report has concentrated on a fuller description of the SEURBNUK code, this being the code most familiar to the author, and other code descriptions have concentrated on noting variations and differences. Also, the code SEURBNUK/EURDYN has been used for the sensitivity analysis, this code being an extension of the original code SEURBNUK with the addition of axi-symmetric finite element capabilities. The six containment codes described and assessed in this report are those which were being actively used within the European Community at the time. There are other codes which could have been included in such a survey such as REXCO and SIMMER from the USA, and, ARES KOELSCH, PHOENICS and PLEXUS from Europe, as well as variations of codes such as PISCES 2DL. Since these codes had not been used in the benchmark analysis it would not have been practical to include them.

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Bibliographic Reference: EUR 11306 EN (1987) MF, PP 58, BFR 150, BLOW-UP COPY, BFR 240, AVAILABILITY: CEC-LUXEMBOURG, BP 1003, GDL
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