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Lack of finance has been identified as a major constraint upon investments in energy efficiency technologies. Many technologies which would considerably improve the rational use of energy have been proved both technically and economically viable but their market penetration has been impeded by the apparent lack of suitable sources of funds. Third party finance is a means of mobilising private capital to fund energy-saving investments by an outside company, using the cost savings themselves to pay for that investment. The energy savings are therefore viewed as a stream of income'' which can support a business: the business of investing in, and providing performance guarantees for energy conservation, by an energy service company (ESCO). Already a growth area in the United States, the development of third party financing or performance contracting, as it has also come to be known has been hampered more in the UK and Europe by lack of awareness of the opportunities than by any short-comings in the available technologies. Third Party Financing by Energy Savings demonstrates the essential simplicity of such schemes, and outlines the opportunities presented to both investors in energy saving and potential energy service companies. The first part of the book reviews the evolution of third-party financing in North America, the role of the energy service company in a European context, and surveys a variety of schemes that have been implemented in factories, colleges and government buildings. The second part of the book consists of model contracts and guidelines for implementing energy service agreements, drawn up by the European Commission. Contracts and comprehensive guidelines are provided for the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, which will make the book an invaluable and money saving resource for all companies involved as consumers, contractors, or providers in the use of energy. The book will be of interest to senior management in industry and in the utilities, senior civil servants and local government officials, bankers and those interested in establishing energy service companies.

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Bibliographic Reference: BOOK, PP 668, UKL 45.00, ISBN 1-85302-012-5,, PUBL. BY: JESSICA KINGSLEY PUBLISHERS LTD, LONDON WC1N 1AF
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