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A coal gasification pilot plant with a coal throughput of 12 tonnes per day has been installed at the Coal Research Establishment of British Coal. The aim of the project was to demonstrate, on a semi-commercial scale the production of a fuel gas for industrial furnaces and kilns. The plant consists of facilities for coal feeding, gasification, gas cooling and cleaning, gas combustion and waste disposal. The project commenced in January 1984. The plant was installed by April 1985; within timescale and cost. Full operation on coal was delayed until May 1986 because of problems relating to solids handling, start-up procedures and gas cooler design. Since May 1986 several extended operations have been carried out. Successful developments have been demonstrated in all areas of the plant. Coal conversions of 70% on a mass basis have been achieved with a gas calorific value of 3.8 MJ/m3. Several coals were tested giving similar performances. Sulphur retention by the addition of limestone indicated that 80% of the sulphur that would be otherwise released in the gas can be retained. Alternative gas cleaning techniques have been evaluated and burner designs have been established for combustion of the low calorific value gas. Overall sufficient information is available to design a commercial gasifier. Several activities have been carried out to promote commercialisation of the technology. A licence has been granted to Otto Simon Carves Ltd, Stockport to exploit the technology worldwide. The economic viability of the process has been established, particularly if a use can be found for the residue char. Work is continuing under a new EEC contract aimed at increasing the conversion efficiency and investigating the use of oxygen.

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