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The purpose of this project was to demonstrate, at industrial scale, improved designs of inertial separators for use with coal-fired boiler plant. These separators, developed at University College, Cardiff (UCC), and called Cardiff cyclones, incorporate a novel aspect in cyclone design known as the vortex collector pocket (VCP). Three Cardiff cyclone variants were demonstrated. These devices were characterized by the inclusion of VCPs and the space-saving, low-aspect flat-bottomed' design compared with the conventional long-coned high-efficiency cyclones. The first demonstration cyclone, the Mk VII incorporating two VCPs, was installed on a 4.3 MWt fluidized bed boiler, the second the Mk XII h horizontal design was fitted on a 2.8 MWt two-stage fluidized bed boiler and finally the third unit, the Mk VIII VCP concentrator', to a 2.5 MWt vibrating grate stoker fired horizontal shell boiler. Each unit successfully controlled the particulate emissions from its respective boiler plant to well below that required by the UK Clean Air Act. However, in each case the performance in terms of particle grade collection efficiency fell short of that predicted from scale-up of laboratory test data. But each demonstration cyclone showed flexibility in operation by maintaining its optimum separation performance over an extended range of gas throughputs. The cyclone subjected to the most extensive demonstration, the vertical Mk VII, gave trouble-free operation for over 5700 hours and exhibited substantially lower metal wastage than normally experienced with the conventional designs. However, these improved characteristics were not apparent in the horizontal configuration, Mk XII h cyclone and were unproven in the Mk VIII VCP concentrator.

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