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This report highlights the problems of general orientation and coordinated management of European research and innovation programmes. It stresses the benefits as well as the interaction problems of joint research projects (Esprit, Race etc) of technological development programmes to stimulate innovation. It concludes that there is a need for a central programme to stimulate and support industrial innovation and technology transfer, designed to develop the means and orientations of a common policy for 1992. With this aim in mind it sets out three directions of work, on the basis of which the Sprint programme could be redefined and enlarged for the period 1989-1993: - to build up an infrastructure of networks (based on complementarity) of cooperative research and services of innovation, - to carry out pilot demonstrations of the transfer of innovation and the dissemination of technologies within the Community, - to develop a concept of innovation on a European scale through cooperation, studies and projections, by follow-up and assessment of what has been achieved and through cultural renewal.

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Auteurs: MOYNOT J L,
Références bibliographiques: BOOK: EUR 11658 FR (1988) 135 PP., ECONOMICA, PARIS (FR)