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The fundamental equations of the mechanics of an electric current confirm the existence of isolated stable volumes with a spinning motion, which could be stimulated into oscillation. Stimulation of electric currents of the same structure leads to the radiation of electromagnetic waves with a discrete frequency spectrum. Physics requires an experimentally feasible geometry, that is a Riemann type space characterised by the metric fundamental ds(2) = c(2)dt(2) - dr(2). Our universe however is seen to be almost flat, at least in the observable region of radius r of the order of 1.0 E28 cm. This suggests relating the equations of motion of physical continua first of all to a 4-dimensional metric space and thereafter projecting the derived fields into space time. The dynamics of the continuum are discussed in terms of a scalar acceleration potential.

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Bibliografische Referenz: ARTICLE: ZAMM - Z. ANGEW. MATH. MECH., VOL. 69 (1989), PP. 669-671
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