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The Nuclear Technology '89 Conference was held in Duesseldorf in May 1989, at a critical time for the German nuclear industry when many development projects had been shelved. Lectures were grouped under 10 headings: reactor physics and computing methods, thermo and fluid dynamics, plant safety, the fuel circuit and waste treatment, fuel elements, components and quality control, operation of nuclear installations, fusion technology, research reactors and energy economics. There is increasing cooperation between European countries in computer aided research in reactor physics. In the light water reactor field the Upper Plenum Test Facility has been set up under the 2D 3D project. This simulates the primary circuit of a PWR, and tests carried out on it are defining safety margins for emergency cooling. France now has an Emergency Response Organisation to help deal with critical situations. NIS and VDEW have developed a general decommissioning programme which can easily be adapted to any nuclear power station. European countries are becoming more interdependent for energy. By the year 2000, three quarters of EC electricity is expected to come from coal-fired power stations and the remaining quarter to be 50% hydroelectric and 50% nuclear.

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