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This new remote control system, called Telsafe CP, is intended to meet the needs of a new generation of equipment. It is applied here on the winding gear of monorails in coal mines. From the outset of the project the basic principles of long range communication of the Phonesafe system were followed, as were the numerical order coding procedures of the Telesafe DV and CA. The long range is achieved by the use of radiating coaxial cable of the Cerlil type on which at intervals repeater amplifiers are fitted. Circuit, implementation and certification feasibility studies for eventual use in mines prone to firedamp were carried out at Cerchar. The Telemac Company was commissioned to manufacture it. On completion of the study all the technical objectives have been achieved: Telsafe CP is a system capable of transmitting numerical data across a long and many-branched network. The radio frequencies, transmitter and receiver represent a major technological development. Spectral purity of the signal, selectivity, and reception dynamics allow simultaneous use of several channels on a single line.

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