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TiN films of different compositional ratio (N)/(Ti) were prepared by reactive ion beam sputtering at substrate temperatures of 77 and 300 K. The chemical composition, the microstructure, electrical resistivity, residual stress, hardness and Young's modulus were studied as a function of the N(2)/Ar gas flow ratio x at which the films were prepared. Glancing angle X-ray diffractometry indicates a mixed phase of Ti, Ti(2)N, TiN at lower x ratios and of cubic TiN at x > 0.05. From the integrated breadth of the diffraction lines grain size D and strain E were determined to be 150 - 250 A for D and 0.5 to 1.5 % for E. The electrical resistivity shows the usually observed dependence with a minimum of 54 at nearly stoichiometric composition. Hardness values up to 25 GPa and compressive stress values up to 10 GPa were obtained.

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Authors: BUSCHERT R C, JRC Ispra (IT);GIBSON P N, JRC Ispra (IT);GISSLER W, JRC Ispra (IT);HAUPT J, JRC Ispra (IT);MANARA A, JRC Ispra (IT);JIANG X, KFA, Institut für Schicht- und Ionentechnik, Jülich (DE);REICHELT K, KFA, Institut für Schicht- und Ionentechnik, Jülich (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: The International Congress for Surface Technology, Berlin (DE), Oct. 11-13, 1989
Availability: Available from (1) as Paper EN 35059 ORA
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