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A simultaneous evaluation of the 27Al(n,alpha), 56Fe(n,p), 63Cu(n,2n), 65Cu(n,2n), 197Au(n,2n), 93Nb(n,2n), 32S(n,p), 1H(n,n), 27Al(n,p), 59Co(n,alpha), 235U(n,f) and 238U(n,f) cross sections at an energy of 14.70 MeV has yielded a consistent set with uncertainties of 0.5 - 1.5% together with a correlation matrix. The large number of experimental results included were either ratio measurements or 'absolute' measurements relying on neutron fluences determined by the associated particle technique. The method of weighted least-squares, taking account of correlations, was used in the simultaneous evaluation. Good agreement was found with several recent evaluations. The effect of fine structure in 14 MeV cross sections needs further investigation.

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Authors: RYVES R B, JRC Geel (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: Extract: European Applied Research Reports - A Journal of European Science and Technology, Vol. 7 (1989) No. 8, pp. 1241-1334
Availability: Harwood Academic Publishers, London (GB)
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