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In order to establish a generic database for repository performance assessment studies, it is necessary to select typical waste forms which are representative of those currently produced from nuclear installations, bearing in mind the pre-treatment and conditioning methods used. In this handbook are compiled the acquired data on the composition and the characterisation of eleven RMAs (Reference Medium Active waste forms). These are as follows : RMA 1 - BRW evaporator concentrates in cement (formerly RWF1), RMA 2 - PWR evaporator concentrates in cement (formerly RWF2), RMA 3 - Organic spent ion exchangers in cement, RMA 4 - Organic spent ion exchangers in polystyrene (formerly RWF4), RMA 5 - Organic spent ion exchangers in vinyl ester, RMA 6 - Hull waste in cement, RMA 7 - Reprocessing evaporator concentrates in bitumen, RMA 8 - Reprocessing evaporator concentrates in cement (formerly RWF8), RMA 9 - Reprocessing sludges in bitumen (formerly RWF9), RMA 10 - Incinerator ashes in cement and RMA 11 - Heterogeneous solid waste in cement.

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Authors: POTTIER, Manosque (FR)
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