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This report has also appeared as a full-size synthesis report (EUR 11453). A compressed-gas capacitor rated for 120 kV and a nominal capacitance of 100 pF was circulated to seven primary metrology and high-voltage laboratories within the European Community. Each laboratory measured the capacitance and loss factor at low and high voltages of up to 100 kV. The mean capacitance value of four out of six participants agreed within a relative deviation of 3 cdot 10"-6"; two laboratories reported values affected by a relative deviation of - cdot 10"-6" and 15 cdot 10"-6". The voltage dependence of the capacitance was measured by six laboratories to be e-ltaC/C = 0 pm 5 cdot 10"-6" for voltages of up to 100 kV, the result of the seventh participant is outlying with e-ltaC/C = -17 cdot 10"-6" at 100 kV. Six participants were in agreement, having determined a loss factor tandelta = (5 pm 6) cdot 10"-6" of the compressed-gas capacitor, one laboratory reported tandelta = 13.5 cdot 10"-6". With additional series resistors at the low-voltage terminal of the capacitor, artificially increased loss factors of (22 pm 5) cdot 10"-6" and (1410 pm 10) cdot 10"-6" were measured by most laboratories. The three-year intercomparison was affected by a slight gas leakage of the capacitor and a drift of the pressure sensor resulting in a total relative capacitance loss of 50 cdot 10"-6". With the pressure carefully corrected at the final measurement, the capacitance then differed by only 5 cdot 10"-6" from the initial value.

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Authors: CEC, CEC Bruxelles (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 11378 EN (1990) 147 pp., MF, ECU 8
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