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  • A study of 2-dimensional effects in the core of a PWR during the reloading phase of a LOCA : Analysis of data of PERICLES experiments with the COBRA-NC code


The project concerns the analysis of experimental data on loss-of-coolant accidents and emergency core cooling. The objective of the PERICLES experiments was to study multidimensional effects under well defined conditions concentrating on the inter-assembly character of reflood phenomena. The general aim of the present project is to analyse PERICLES experimental data in order to improve models in relevant system codes. Particular objectives of the project are : - the critical evaluation of the experimental data of PERICLES Run 8; - the drawing of conclusions from the data with respect to physical and geometrical models for the multi-bundle reflood analysis; - the perfomance of one- and multi-dimensional computations with COBRA-NC; - the comparison of computational and experimental data; and - the development of conclusions and specifications of additional research needed. The analysis of the experimental data of Run 8 was perfomed by a computer program developed for postprocessing data of any PERICLES experiment. The postprocessor includes an automatic location of the quenchfront and displays it graphically with respect to time, vertical and horizontal directions. Furthermore, rod and fluid temperatures versus height, quenchtimes versus height, densities versus height, and temperatures, pressures, densities etc. versus time can be plotted.

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Authors: REINHARDT H J, Battelle-Institut E.V., Frankfurt (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 12408 EN (1989) 104 pp., FS, ECU 8.75
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