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  • Long-term performance of structures comprising nuclear power plants - Part 1 : Deterioration assessment of nuclear power station buildings - Part 2 : Long-term stability and the leak-tightness of reactor containments


Investigations are undertaken into the likely durability of reinforced concrete components of buildings and structures at nuclear power stations over the currently-envisaged period of up to 100 years for the completion of decommissioning. The principal deterioration mechanism examined is reinforcement corrosion and in particular chloride ingress and carbonation penetration. Techniques for on-site measurement are selected and applied to available components. The resulting data are analysed and used to propose monitoring techniques for observing future deterioration. For contaminated or activated components, it is essential to guarantee leak-tightness of the steel containment or steel liner and to assure integrity of important structures up to ultimate demolition of the plant. For the 100-year period in question after decommissioning, the type and extent of corrosion damage are discussed for areas classified as potential risk areas, and measures to ensure enclosure are recommended, with monitoring and conservation measures. An attempt is made to evaluate the long-term suitability of the silicon materials used as sealing material in safety-related areas. Non-destructive tests using the ultrasonic test technique are performed on a component and on calibration blocks, in order to detect corrosion in non-accessible areas.

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Authors: POCOCK D C, Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd., Southall (GB);WORTHINGTON J C, Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd., Southall (GB);OBERPICHLER R, Stangenberg, Schnellenbach und Partner GmbH, Bochum (DE);VAN EXEL H, Stangenberg, Schnellenbach und Partner GmbH, Bochum (DE);BEUKELMANN D, Technical Inspection Service, Muenchen (DE);HUTH R, Technical Inspection Service, Muenchen (DE);ROSE B, Technical Inspection Service, Muenchen (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 12758 EN (1990) 447 pp., MF, ECU 20, blow-up copy ECU 56.26
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