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The SHADOWPACK-P.C. package is designed to run on IBM personal computers and compatibles under the DOS operating system. The programs allow the user to create a 3D model of a building or group of buildings and then analyse the effects of shading on the solar energy received on the various faces of the model, or on the ground plane. A typical sequence in such an analysis would be to first create the model using the interactive program ICON, and save it on a sequential data file. A qualitative appraisal of the overall shading situation can be obtained using the graphical display facilities of ICON, varying the viewpoint and time of day and year for the shading calculation. Hard copies of these views can also be obtained using a dot matrix printer. Quantitative values for the energy received on particular faces of interest can be tabulated with the programs SHADEN and GLOBAL and, if necessary, contour plots of the distribution of radiation over individual faces can be created with ISOSUN. Higher quality hard copies of the graphical outputs can be obtained using a pen plotter. For this the information is passed to the pen plotter via the SCRIBE-MODELLER C.A.D. program. If the user has the MICROSOFT PAINTBRUSH program, screen images produced by the graphical programs ICON and ISOSUN can be saved in .PCX format files which can be read by a word-processor such as VENTURA, incorporated in documents, and printed on a laser printer.

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