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IGNITOR is a high field tokamak conceived to reach ignition. The ignited scenario considers operation at average density around 6 x 1.0 E20/m3 and average temperature about 5 keV. The scrape-off layer (SOL) plasma properties are, as a consequence, very different from those of present machines. Based on extrapolation from FT and other limiter machines and using self-consistent global models, the SOL properties in IGNITOR are l(n) about 0.01 m, density at the last closed flux surface (LCFS) 2.5 x 1.0 E20/m3 and temperature at the LCFS lower than 60 eV. All the parameters have a small dependence on the radiated power. In addition, a strong screening of the SOL results from the calculations.

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Authors: FERRO C, ENEA, Centro Ricerche Energia Frascati, Roma (IT);ZANINO R, Dipartimento di Energetica, Torino (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 9th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions, Bournemouth (GB), May 21-25, 1990
Availability: Available from (1) as Paper EN 35525 ORA
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