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In beam experiments, the achievement of accurate neutron lifetime measurements heavily depends on the use of well characterised boron and/or lithium reference deposits to assess the neutron density. Sets of 6LiF and 10B reference deposits on silicon wafers were prepared by vacuum deposition using planetary rotating substrate holders. The uniformity of deposition was investigated using visible light spectrophotometry and accurate dimensional characterisation was carried out on the basis of travelling-microscope and talistep measurements. The results obtained agreed well with theoretical calculations based on the geometry of the evaporation system. The deposits prepared in successive evaporation runs were then characterised by neutron induced charged particle measurements calibrated by isotope dilution mass spectrometry. 6Li and 10B surface densities are certified with accuracies of 0.35-0.50% and 0.30-0.41%, respectively. An intercomparison of the 6Li and 10B calibrations confirms the consistency of the measurements.

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Authors: PAUWELS J, JRC Geel (BE);EYKENS R ET AL., JRC Geel (BE);SCOTT R D, Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre, Glasgow (GB);BYRNE J, University of Sussex, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Brighton (GB);DAWBER P G, University of Sussex, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Brighton (GB);GILLIAM D M, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg (US)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 15th World Conference of the International Nuclear Target Dev. Society, Santa Fé (US), September 10-14, 1990
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