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Basic Safety Research on Nuclear Fuels was concentrated in 1989 on the study of transient-tested high burn-up fuel samples and the concentration of (U,Pu)O(2) agglomerates in irradiated MOX fuel. Safety Aspects of Fuel Operation and Handling were dealt with by improving preparation methods for uranium-plutonium mixed nitride and investigating the behaviour of (U,Pu)N of different origin in the fast flux of the French PHENIX reactor. The principal objective of the Actinide Determination and Recycling activity was the reduction of long-term hazards of alpha-bearing nuclear waste. The long-term storage behaviour of UO(2) and MOX spent fuel samples and of vitrified waste forms was investigated further. A large number of ternary alloys containing Np or Pu, and Si or Ge, together with a transition metal as the third component, was prepared for basic experimental studies. The Institute gave, as in the past, Scientific-Technical Support to Community Policies by performing analytical work on behalf of the EURATOM Safeguards Directorate.

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