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Recent progress in fission cross-section measurements is discussed. Special attention is given to problems associated with the determination of the number of fissile nuclei in the sample and the determination of the efficiency in detecting a fission event. Improvements for precise fission cross-section measurements follow from the detailed biparametric study of fissile layers in the 2pi gridded ionisation chambers used for the sigma(f) measurements. Refined methods for sigma(f) measurements of nuclides with large lambda(alpha) value are also discussed. Measurements of thermal fission cross-sections below the fission barrier and the measurement of the low-energy fission cross-section of the isomeric state of 235U are presented.

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Authors: DERUYTTER A J, JRC Geel (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: International Symposium on Fast Neutron Physics, Beijing (CN), Sept. 9-13, 1991
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