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During "total flash evaporation", a sample is completely evaporated and all the emitted ions are collected, thus eliminating, in principle, the need for bias correction due to fractionation. Measurements have been carried out with two commercial thermal ionisation mass spectrometers (Finnigan MAT, type MAT 261), each equipped with a nine cup multicollector system. To collect as many emitted ions as possible during heating, the computer routines were modified so as to eliminate unnecessary pauses for calculating, printing or saving data while collecting. Furthermore, a digital voltmeter was attached to the channel with the most abundant signal and the output of the voltmeter used to control the computer program in such a way as to effectively decouple the heating procedure from the collection procedure. The results regarding the external reproducibility were very satisfactory. In order to be comparable with the certified standard values, they only have to be corrected for instrument error.

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Authors: KÜHN H, JRC Karlsruhe (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 12th International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Amsterdam (NL), Aug. 26-30, 1991
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