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This paper reports on self-consistent energy band calculations for the RCo(2) compounds (R = Tb-Yb). The 4f spin is fixed at its Russel-Saunders value and the R-4f moments interact with the conduction band system solely by local exchange interactions, which are calculated ab initio. The total conduction electron moments are calculated for all of the compounds in the high moment ground states but low conduction electron moment ground states are obtained for DyCo(2) - YbCo(2). By changing the magnitude of the 4f spin in GdCo(2) from zero to 7 and back to zero, hysteresis is obtained, with both low and high moment ground states being obtained for spins less than 4. It is suggested that the conduction electron state densities in all of the compounds are similar to those in YCo(2) and LuCo(2) and that the conduction band system is essentially metamagnetic. The localised spin on the rare earth (through local exchange interaction with the R-5d states which hybridise with the M-3d states) provides the effective field which polarises the 3d states. When this effective field exceeds a critical value, the high moment ground state for the cobalt sites is obtained.

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Authors: NORDSTRÖM L, University of Uppsala, Institute of Physics, Uppsala (SE);JOHANSSON B, University of Uppsala, Institute of Physics, Uppsala (SE);BROOKS M S S, JRC Karlsruhe (DE);NORDSTROM L, University of Uppsala, Institute of Physics, Uppsala (SE)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 5th Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials/Intermag Conference, Pittsburgh (US), June 18-21, 1991
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