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  • CAMDYN (Cavity Material Dynamics) : A new model for describing fuel movements inside the fuel rods of fast breeder reactors under reactor accident conditions


The new in-pin fuel motion model CAMDYN (Cavity Material Dynamics) describes the axial motion of both partially and fully molten fuel inside the pin of a fast breeder reactor during accident conditions. The motion of the two types of molten fuel and the embedded fission gas bubbles is treated both before and after cladding failure. The basic modelling approach consists of the treatment of two one-dimensional flows which are coupled by interaction terms. Each of these flows is treated compressively and with axially variable flow cross-sections. The mass and energy equations of both fields are solved explicitly using upwind differencing on a fixed Eulerian grid. The two momentum equations are solved simultaneously, using the convective momentum fluxes of the previous timestep. CAMDYN has been coupled to the fuel performance code TRANSURANUS which provides all necessary input data for CAMDYN and receives from it the cavity pressure and the heat flux density between the partially molten and the still solid fuel. This information is used in TRANSURANUS to provide the inner boundary conditions for its mechanics and thermal calculations. It therefore affects the important prediction of cladding failure.

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Authors: PETER G, JRC Ispra (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 13596 DE (1991) 201 pp., MF, ECU 12, blow-up copy ECU 26.25
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