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This document describes the GTM-1 (Geosphere Transport Model, release-1) computer code and is intended to provide enough detailed information to use the code. GTM-1 was developed for the assessment of radionuclide transport by ground-water through geologic formations whose properties change along the pathway. GTM-1 solves the transport equation by the finite differences method (Crank-Nicolson scheme). It was developed for specific use within Probabilistic System Assessment (PSA) Monte Carlo codes; in this context the first application of GTM-1 was within the LISA (Long Term Isolation System Assessment) code. GTM-1 is also available as an independent model, which includes various submodels simulating a generic multi-barrier disposal system. The code has been tested with the PSACOIN (Probabilistic System Assessment Codes Intercomparison) benchmark exercises from PSAC User Group (OECD/NEA). This manual is divided into three chapters: the first chapter concentrates on the theoretical model and numerical methods used by GTM-1 to solve the transport equations; the second chapter contains a program description and the test case used for the verification of the code; the third chapter includes the appendices.

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Authors: PRADO HERRERO P, Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnologicas, Madrid (ES)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 13925 EN (1992) 87 pp., MF, ECU 4, blow-up copy ECU 13.50
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