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  • Influence on corrosion resistance of the metal-paint adhesive bond in steel sheets for press-forming, subjected to continuous annealing, phosphated and painted by cataphoresis


The objective of the report is to study the effects produced by various industrial cycles of continuous annealing on the quality of the surface of steel sheets for pressing, with particular emphasis on the metal/paint bond. In this project, the bond is examined not as a force interacting between the metal and the organic coating, but in terms of the degree to which it lends itself to the processes of phosphating and painting, together with its resistance to corrosion. The objective is extended, using the CSM pilot line, to a study of the effect of each individual operating section in a process of continuous annealing with quenching in water on the evolution of the surface characteristics of the sheets with a different composition of the base steel. The project may, therefore, be divided into two distinct parts, concerned with: (i) a study of samples of commercial products produced by different lines of continuous annealing; (ii) a study of the evolution of the surface characteristics of the steel sheets subjected to continuous annealing on the CSM's pilot line, using a quenching in H(2)O and changing the operating characteristics (speed, temperature of the different zones, temperature of the water and composition of the base steel).

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Authors: ALOTA S, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA, Roma (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 14129 IT (1992) 76 pp., FS, ECU 10.50
Availability: (2)
ISBN: ISBN 92-826-3983-5
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