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The thermodynamics of transuranium elements other than thorium, uranium and plutonium often relies on data interpolation and on comparison with the lanthanides. This paper reviews current knowledge in this area. The case of the aqueous ions is discussed in detail. In the case of the heaviest actinides, for which macroscopic amounts are not available, an account is given of efforts to ascertain data on the enthalpy and Gibbs energy of formation. Difficulties sometimes encountered when trying to reconcile redox potential results, enthalpy of formation data and entropy values are discussed. The thermochemistry of the oxides of the lanthanides and actinides (for which there exists experimental data up to californium) is reviewed and the stabilisation upon formation of binary and quaternary oxides (complex oxides) from binary species is outlined and compared with structural data. The situation in the case of halides and related compounds is similarly reviewed. Divalent actinide compounds for which little or no thermochemical results are available are also discussed.

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Authors: FUGER J, JRC Karlsruhe (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: International Conference on Rare Earths, Kyoto (JP), June 1-5, 1992
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