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This report presents magnetic measurements on new PuMt(2)Si(2) compounds (with Mt a 3d, 4d or 5d transition metal) crystallising in ThCr(2)Si(2) or CaBe(2)Ge(2) structure type. PuCr(2)Si(2), PuMn(2)Si(2), PuFe(2)Si(2) and PuNi(2)Si(2) order ferromagnetically at 81 K, 215 K, 38 K and 42 K respectively. PuCo(2)Si(2), PuRu(2)Si(2), PuOs(2)Si(2) and PuPt(2)Si(2) remain paramagnetic down to 4 K. Electrical resistivity in PuRh(2)Si(2) shows an anomaly around 95 K which could suggest a ferromagnetic transition. PuRu(2)Si(2) shows a large magnetic anisotropy with the c crystallographic axis as easy magnetisation direction. PuPt(2)Si(2) follows a Curie-Weiss down to 10 K, below which temperature its susceptibility remains constant. The aim of this systematic study of Pu compounds was to discover new compounds with interesting properties. PuRu(2)Si(2) and PuPt(2)Si(2) seem to merit a more complete investigation on single crystals.

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Authors: WASTIN F, Tohoku University, Institute for Materials Research, Sendai (JP);KANELLAKOPULOS B, Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Institut für Heisse Chemie (DE);REBIZANT J ET AL., JRC Karlsruhe (DE);SECHOVSKY V, Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Prague (CS)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: International Conference on Rare Earths, Kyoto (JP), June 1-5, 1992
Availability: Available from (1) as Paper EN 36672 ORA
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