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  • On the electron structure of organometallic complexes of the f-elements - XXIX : Optical and magnetochemical research into mono- and bis- acetonitrile adducts derived from tris(eta(5)-cyclopentadienyl)praseodymium(III)


The results of absorption, emission and magnetochemical measurements for mono- and bis-acetonitrile adducts derived from tris(eta(5)-cyclopentadienyl)praseodymium(III) are reported. On the basis of these measurements it was possible to derive the truncated crystal field splitting pattern of Cp(3)Pr.NCCH(3). The absorption and luminescence spectra of Cp(3)Pr(NCCH(3))(2) led however to two different splitting patterns. The parameters of an empirical Hamiltonian were fitted to the experimentally derived splitting patterns. In order to favour one of the two alternative parameter sets for Cp(3)Pr(NCCH(3))(2), model calculations adopting the angular overlap model were performed. With the help of eigenvectors and eigenvalues obtained from the alternative fits, the temperature dependence of the paramagnetic susceptibility was calculated and compared with experimental data.

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Authors: APOSTOLIDIS C, JRC Karlsruhe (DE);KANELLAKOPULOS B, Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe (DE);KLENZE R, Technische Universität München, Institut für Radiochemie, Garching (DE);REDDMANN H, Universität Hamburg, Institut für Anorganische und Angewandte Chemie (DE);SCHULZ H, Universität Hamburg, Institut für Anorganische und Angewandte Chemie (DE);AMBERGER H-D, Universität Hamburg, Institut für Anorganische und Angewandte Chemie (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: Article: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 426 (1992) pp. 307-323
Record Number: 199210740 / Last updated on: 1994-12-02
Original language: de
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