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Dacus oleae Gmelin is a very damaging Tephritidae Diptera, which prefers the olive as a host plant. After more than 2 years of experiment with all cultures of this insect, a continuously multiplying in vitro cell line has been established. The primary cultures were prepared from embryonated eggs, in conditions of rigorous sterility. After testing a vast range of culture media, only two liquid media were found which allowed continuous multiplication, the Mitsuhashi and Maramorosch based medium and the Shields and Sang M(3) medium, both with addition of 15% fetal bovine serum and adjustment of pH to 6.5. Only after 6 months in tissue culture flasks does the first evidence of the appearance of morphologically homogeneous cells occur, at which stage the first subculture of the cells can be performed. The growth of the cell population occurs very quickly, giving total duplication in about 24 hours. The evolution of the cell line is revealed by the progressive cytological stability towards a diploid line at values 21 and 42 corresponding to the position 2C and 4C of DNA content. As it is obvious that the cells are polymorphous as far as their DNA content is concerned, two main distinct cell populations may be supposed to coexist.

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Bibliographic Reference: Article: Estratto da REDIA, Vol. LXXIV (1991) No. 2, pp. 331-341
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