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This paper examines the multiaxial creep and creep crack growth behaviour of 2.25Cr1Mo tubular components at 550 C. Uniaxial constant load creep data are used as a starting point for the determination of a CDM based, constitutive model which is extended to consider multiaxial creep behaviour. An optimiser was written to extract the model parameters from constant load creep data. The material's multiaxial deformation and rupture behaviour were found to be controlled by Von Mises (VM) and maximum principal stress (MPS) functions respectively. The stress rupture behaviour of longitudinally and circumferentially notched tubes under combinations of internal pressure and axial load show good correlation with plain tube rupture data when plotted in terms of reference stress calculated from limit load solutions. Creep crack growth rate data for both longitudinally and circumferentially notched tubes compared well with conventional specimen data when evaluated in terms of C(*).

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Authors: CHURCH J M, JRC Petten (NL);HURST R C, JRC Petten (NL);MCALLISTER S, JRC Petten (NL)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: Baltica II, Helsinki (FI), October 5-8, 1992
Availability: Available from (1) as Paper EN 37131 ORA
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