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  • Geochemical modelling - Part I : Jensen - A program for the computation of chemical equilibria in aqueous systems - Part II : Little Joe - An expert system to support geochemical modelling


Part I describes the structure, function and use of Jensen, a new geochemical computer program intended for PCs. The program, which is written in Turbo Pascal, version 4, is fundamentally similar to most other geochemical programs, but several new algorithms have been developed and implemented. The program has a built-in database mainly based on the CHEMVAL compilation containing data for 395 soluble species and 149 minerals. The program can find equilibria in the presence of all or some of these soluble species, under conditions of fixed or floating pH and/or pE. It can identify which minerals (and how much of them) will be formed when equilibrium is established. Because it is possible to change iteration limits and parameters during a computation, the program is capable of solving almost any equilibrium problem. Part II describes the construction of Little Joe, a minor expert system for use in the evaluation of analytical data for the composition of ground waters from limestone formation. Although the example given is rather limited in scope, the application of the expert system for the evaluation of the analytical data clearly demonstrates the mature expert knowledge imbedded in the system which is contrasted with the uncritical acceptance of analytical or theoretical data.

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Authors: SKYTTE JENSEN B, RisÝ National Laboratory, Environmental Science and Technology Department, Chemistry Section, Roskilde (DK);JENSEN H, RisÝ National Laboratory, Environmental Science and Technology Department, Chemistry Section, Roskilde (DK);PEARSON F J, Groundwater Geochemistry, Irving (US);HAUG A, Intera Technologies Inc., Austin (US)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 14171 EN (1992) 290 pp., FS, ECU 28.50
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ISBN: ISBN 92-826-4984-9
Record Number: 199310062 / Last updated on: 1994-11-29
Original language: en
Available languages: en
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