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  • Bis(cyclopentadienyl) actinide(IV) compounds : I - The structure of dichlorobis(pentamethyl-eta(5)-cyclopentadienyl)uranium(IV) and dichlorobis(pentamethyl-eta(5)-cyclopentadienyl)thorium(IV)


MX(2)(C(5)H(5))(2) compounds are rather unstable for the actinide elements. While the structures of a number of Ti(4+) and Zr(4+) compounds of this type have been reported, the only actinide compound for which both a synthesis and structure have been reported is bis(cyclopentadienyl)bis(tetrahydroborato)uranium, [U(C(5)H(5))(2)-(BH(4))(2)]. Attempts to prepare [UCl(2)(C(5)H(5))(2)] have not yet succeeded. Alkylation of the cyclopentadienyl rings greatly improves the solubility and crystallisability of the resulting actinide complexes and some bis(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)actinide(IV) complexes have been synthesised and characterised by X-ray diffraction. The syntheses and structures of [UCl(2){C(5)(CH(3))(5)}] and [ThCl(2){C(5)(CH(3))(5)}] are reported. The structure of a pyrazole adduct of [U{C(5)(CH(3))(5)}Cl(2)] has also been reported.

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Authors: SPIRLET M R, JRC Karlsruhe (DE);REBIZANT J, JRC Karlsruhe (DE);APOSTOLIDIS C, JRC Karlsruhe (DE);KANELLAKOPULOS B, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: Article: Acta Crystallographica C (1992) No. 48, pp. 2135-2137
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