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High-resolution gamma-ray analysis of plutonium isotopic abundances in highly radioactive dissolver solutions from reprocessing plants requires the separation of plutonium from fission products. It is not practical to purify the plutonium required for isotopic analysis in the gamma-ray energy ranges of 100 keV (MGA II) or 120-414 keV (FRAM). Recently, by taking advantage of the high intensities of lower-energy gamma rays (less than or equal to 60 keV), low-energy gamma-ray spectrometry (LEGS) has measured plutonium isotopic abundances and elemental concentrations of spent-fuel dissolver solutions with burnups up to 28,000 MWD/T. To test the LEGS technique with higher-burnup spent fuels, an exercise was performed in which three spent-fuel dissolver solutions, with burnups ranging from 30,000 to 44,400 MDW/T, were prepared and measured.

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Authors: LI T K, Los Almos National Laboratory, Safeguards Assay Group (US);PARKER J L, Los Almos National Laboratory, Safeguards Assay Group (US);WAGNER H G, Euratom Safeguards Directorate (LU);GOERTEN J, Euratom Safeguards Directorate (LU);WELLUM R, JRC Karlsruhe (DE);KAMMERICHS K, JRC Karlsruhe (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 15th Annual Symposium on Safeguards and Nuclear Material Management, Rome (IT), May 11-13, 1993
Availability: Available from (1) as Paper EN 37426 ORA
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