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Thermochemical data were determined for a number of fission product and reactor material compounds. Critical assessments were also made of the available thermochemical data on a number of systems. These data complement the results from similar studies conducted in 1990, and can be used in the appropriate computer codes for calculations of the speciation and transport properties of the fission products during a severe reactor accident. Experimental studies focused on the vaporisation of tellurium dioxide, caesium ruthenate, strontium and barium borate, indium hydroxide, caesium telluride, caesium phosphate, caesium hydroxide and caesium iodate and on the thermodynamic properties of the condensed phases Cdl(2), Cs(2)Cdl(4), Cs(2)Si(4)O(9), Cs(2)ZrO(3), SrB(4)O(7) and Ba(3)B(2)O(6). Critical evaluations were made of tellurides of importance in severe accident assessments, and analyses were made of the Fe-Te, Ni-Te and Cr-Te systems. Tables of thermodynamic properties over the temperature range 298.15 to 3000 K are given. Thermodynamic studies of the systems Cs-Te, In-Te and Cs-In-Te using the mass spectrometric Knudsen cell method were also carried out. The gas phases formed between 800 and 1300 K were investigated and the partial pressure and relative ionisation cross-sections of the system components were determined.

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Authors: BALL R G, AEA Reactor Services, Harwell Laboratory, Didcot, Oxon. (GB);DICKINSON S, AEA Reactor Services, Winfrith Technology Centre, Dorchester (GB);CORDFUNKE E H, Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN), Petten (NL);KONINGS R J M, Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN), Petten (NL);DROWART J, Vrje Universiteit Brussel, Bruxelles (BE);SMOES S, Vrje Universiteit Brussel, Bruxelles (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 14844 EN (1993) 194 pp., FS, ECU 18
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