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The Stark widths of 3s-3p and 3p-3d transitions of Ne II, Ne III, Ne IV, Ne V, Ne VI, F IV, and F V have been measured in the plasma of a gas-liner pinch discharge. The plasma parameters were determined from 90 Thomson scattering. Some of the measured Stark widths for Ne II, Ne III, and Ne IV lines are in good agreement with other experimental data. The results of three independent theoretical calculations are used for comparison with the measured widths. A growing discrepancy between theoretical and experimental results with increasing ionisation is detected.

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Authors: UZELAC N I, Institute of Physics, Belgrade (YU);GLENZER S, Ruhr-Universität, Institut für Experimentalphysik V, Bochum (DE);KUNZE H-J, Ruhr-Universität, Institut für Experimentalphysik V, Bochum (DE);KONJEVIC N, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physics (YU);HEY J D, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (KFA) (DE)
Bibliographic Reference: Article: Physical Review E, Vol. 47 (1993) No. 3, pp. 3623-3630
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