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This is the first volume in the series on reproductive toxicity. The objective has been to provide readily available summary reviews of the salient scientific evidence that underlies the assessment of a particular chemical in terms of reproductive toxicity. This volume deals with 30 compounds including several drugs of abuse such as morphine, heroin and cocaine; solvents such as chlorinated hydrocarbons which have been used as drugs of abuse (sniffing) and which are widely used in industry, and other chemicals to which there is wide exposure or which are of particular interest as reproductive toxicants. The volume also includes the guidelines for the evaluation of reproductive toxicity. Each review deals briefly with the animal studies on general toxicity, kinetics and metabolism to the extent that these are needed for hazard assessment, followed by a more detailed description of the major studies on the endocrine and gonadal effects, effects on fertility and pregnancy, with particular attention to developmental toxicity. This is followed by a similar description of effects in humans with a critical assessment of available clinical and epidemiological studies. Each review ends with a summary of the animal and human data and a critical assessment of any conclusions which can be reached on the reproductive hazards of the substance.

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Authors: SULLIVAN F M, CEC Luxembourg (LU);WATKINS W J, CEC Luxembourg (LU);VAN DER VENNE M T (EDITORS), CEC Luxembourg (LU)
Bibliographic Reference: EUR 14991 EN (1993) 435 pp.
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