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This research, implemented in the framework of BAP, aimed at studying the problem of the release of genetically modified micro-organisms, plants and recombinant vaccines, with a view to ensuring their safe use and to identifying possible risks. This work was not included in the final report of the BAP programme, since it extended over the official closing date in December 1989, and is therefore presented here in a separate report. Projects addressed the issue of risk assessment under five headings: (i) physical containment of micro-organisms; (ii) depollution bacteria; (iii) plant-interacting bacteria; (iv) transgenic plants; (v) genetically engineered viruses. Activities included the development of specific monitoring techniques, the standardisation of model ecosystems, limited field trial experiments and the study of the stability and possible transfer of genes from released organisms. Part I of the report reviews the achievements of the programme and for each project gives brief summaries of background details, objectives and primary approaches, results and conclusions, highlighting major breakthroughs and main cooperative links.

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Authors: ECONOMIDIS I (EDITOR), CEC Bruxelles (BE)
Bibliographic Reference: Report: EN (1990) 91 pp.
Availability: Available from the Biotechnology Programme Office, CEC, DG XII, 200 rue de la Loi, B-1049 Bruxelles (BE)
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