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SiC/SiC fibre ceramic composite is one of the most promising low activation structural materials for long-term fusion reactor applications. Its chemical compatibility with breeder materials is one of the aspects that requires full investigation. In the experiments described, specimens of SiC/SiC ceramic composite were exposed to Li(2)O at 800 C and in flowing He + H(2) and He + H(2)O for more than 2000 h. Thermochemical and microstructural analyses showed that with He + H(2) the ceramic was not damaged, but with He + H(2)O there was marked damage of the surface material, with random denudation of the first layer of the fibres.

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Authors: DONATO A, ENEA, Centro Ricerche Energia Frascati, Roma (IT);APICELLA M L, ENEA, Centro Ricerche Energia Frascati, Roma (IT);MORESCHI L F, ENEA sulla Fusione, Bologna (IT);CASADIO S, ENEA, Dipartimento Innovazione, Roma (IT);COPPOLA R, ENEA, Dipartimento Innovazione, Roma (IT);MIGNONE A, ENEA, Dipartimento Innovazione, Roma (IT);NANNETTI C A, ENEA, Dipartimento Innovazione, Roma (IT);SCAF E, ENIRICERCHE, Monterotondo (IT)
Bibliographic Reference: Paper presented: 18th Symposium on Fusion Technology, Karlsruhe (DE), August 22-26, 1994
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