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COMIS is a communication system which is being designed to support a range of applications. The essential model of the system describes a collection of data buses distributed between the roadside, the vehicle and COMIS itself. The function of COMIS is to manage the movement of data between roadside and vehicle data buses. The model describes the system in which the user requests information from the various data buses. The vehicle data bus (VDB) represents the distributed system of local data on vehicles within the communication zone. The VDB is interconnected using the COMIS data bus (CBD) which also provides the link to the (single) roadside data bus (RDB). The implementation model examines likely system terminators and establishes generic processes to describe their interconnection. The terminators considered are: (i) static vehicle information; (ii) infrastructure including local monitors; (iii) static beacon information; (iv) vehicle actuators; (v) vehicle based man machine interface (MMI); (vi) vehicle sensor information; (vii) electronic purse. The system is broken down into a number of functions critical to the COMIS design which encompass the transmission and reception of data over the millimetric link and the management of these processes. A channelisation scheme is proposed in which a common calling frequency is used. This frequency is time divided into two sections: a priority slot used for all vehicle-vehicle control information and the beacons service table (BST) and a second slot on a different frequency which is useful when large quantities of data are to be transferred. All stations must return to the common frequency during the priority slot.

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Authors: WILLIAMS M,
Bibliographic Reference: Report: V2011/2 EN (1993) 68 pp., ECU 8.5
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