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Neutron inelastic scattering experiments have been performed on UF(4) and NpF(4). It was anticipated that a number of sharp magnetic transitions would be observed in these experiments because the tetravalent metal ions are expected to have localised f states. However, very few transitions were observed, three and two in UF(4) and NpF(4), respectively. Except for the lowest-lying level (at 1.5 meV) in UF(4), the transitions are wider than the instrumental resolution, suggesting a strong interaction between the electronic states and lattice vibrations. The levels observed do not correspond to those predicted by a crystal-field scheme recently proposed from optical spectroscopy. However, the paucity of observed levels in the present experiments excludes the proposal of an alternative scheme. The 1.5 meV energy level in UF(4) is in good agreement with that deduced from specific heat and magnetic susceptibility data.

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Authors: KERN S, Colorado State University, Department of Physics (US);LANDER G H, JRC Karlsruhe (DE);SODERHOLM L ET AL., Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois (US);WEST M ET AL., Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico (US)
Bibliographic Reference: Article: Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 101 (1994) No. 11, pp. 9338-9343
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